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Q: What products Sungmo will develop in the next year?

A: Sungmo is devoted to innovation in the latest LED headlights technology. We never stop researching new LED headlights since the establishment. We keep the valued customers posted of newsletters on the development every week. You can get the news after subscribing in our mail list.

Q: What is the main market of Sungmo?

A: We are selling more to EU and North America because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. The rate accounts for 70-80% of our turnover. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new LED headlights technology. We are also optimistic about the markets for other American and Asian regions.

Q: What LEDs do you usually use for your LED products?

A: For high power LED luminaries we mainly use Cree and Sanan LEDs, We use some Philips as well. We also consider using more multi-chip LED brands like Bridgelux and Sharp, as the multi-chip technology will be widely used by manufacturers.

Q: What is the lead time of Sungmo?

A: Usually we ship orders in 1 week. But it will take a little longer if we have heavy burden of production task. It also takes more time for customized products.

Q: Can Sungmo accept customized assembly or offer OEM products?

A: Sungmo has gained a lot of experience on OEM assembly of LED headlights. The headlights can have different appearance, layout, customer logos and labels. We also want to apply the experience to LED headlights as we have excellent design and engineering team. We will strictly follow the principal that we won’t disclose or sell customer unique designs or jointly developed products to another third party.

Q: Do you have warranty for products?

A: Yes, we have 1 and 2 years warranty for different kinds of products. During the period, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by Sungmo engineers, we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charge being paid by us.

Q: Does Sungmo design its products?

A: Yes, Sungmo designs and assembles all the products we are selling. Our engineers have abundant knowledge of optics, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, as well as light control technology. Some of them have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands. Our basic principle to design internal driver and circuit is safe under EMC/UL list possibility and reliability.



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